IFN Fintech and Finocracy launch pioneering interactive Islamic fintech dashboard

  • A digital intelligence platform facilitating deal matchmaking between Islamic fintech start-ups, investors and facilitators; first in the world to focus exclusively on fintech for Islamic finance.
  • To be launched in stages, the first phase is an automated dashboard mapping out fintech companies offering Shariah compliant products, building on the IFN Islamic Fintech Landscape.
  • Next stage includes function allowing users to connect and collaborate with each other on funding, product development and ideas.
  • IFN Fintech website to be overhauled to enable report generation and trend analysis.

KUALA LUMPUR & MANAMA, 28th March 2018 – In partnership with venture builder Finocracy, IFN Fintech has launched an interactive digital platform, the first of its kind to provide bespoke information and intelligence on fintech solutions for the global Shariah compliant industry and to facilitate deal matchmaking between stakeholders including banks, start-ups, investors and intermediaries.

“Fintech business models are driven by exponential technologies that result in a radically different profit and cost structure. There is a tsunami of more than 20,000 fintech players that are reshaping the finance industry. The interactive digital platform will enable a methodical approach for banks and start-ups to connect with each other,” said Ashar Nazim, the managing director of Finocracy.

Launched in Dubai to a distinguished audience of over 350 senior industry leaders at the IFN Awards Ceremony, the first phase of the platform reveals an automated easy-to-use dashboard profiling verified fintech companies offering Shariah compliant solutions. These entities have been screened via a set of robust methodologies. The dashboard builds on the IFN Islamic Fintech Landscape launched by IFN Fintech last September in London which maps out Shariah compliant fintech firms worldwide across 11 verticals as a measure to size the market and provide an accurate reflection of the global Islamic fintech market.

“The Landscape began as a static visual representation of the Islamic fintech landscape but we are taking it further with the digital dashboard, allowing users to extract and view more comprehensive data in a more dynamic manner to facilitate research and analysis,” said Vineeta Tan, the editor of IFN Fintech.

“Collaboration and forward thinking are key in today’s diversely spread-out landscape. A universal platform that can foster innovation and growth is an absolute must whose impact is not only critical but also imminent. It was only a matter of time a vehicle would come along that would marry all aspects of brainstorming, research, development and execution,” says Raheel Iqbal, the managing director of Finocracy Technology Investments.

Through the new platform, the data collation process has been optimized as fintech companies can apply to be included in the Landscape in a matter of minutes, and once approved, to include a brief profile and website links to enhance their brand presence.

Over the coming months, the platform will incorporate new features including an integrated function allowing registered users to connect and collaborate with each other on matters related to funding, product development and expansion strategies as well as the ability to create and manage their own microsites.

In addition to the dashboard, the existing IFN Fintech website will be overhauled and enhanced to enable users to better capture analytics and trends and generate reports on the Islamic fintech ecosystem.

The platform can be accessed at www.ifnfintech.com


About IFN Fintech
IFN Fintech is the industry’s first dedicated publication covering the global Islamic fintech industry with incisive, timely and exclusive reports and research. It is part of the Islamic Finance news brand – the world’s leading Islamic finance news provider.

About Finocracy
Finocracy works alongside banks and Islamic financial institutions to invest in and build fintech businesses. It brings access to the global fintech ecosystem to assist financial institutions implement digital agenda in an informed, efficient and credible manner. Finocracy is aiming to roll out 15 high-impact fintech platforms by 2022. The objective is to open up access to 10 million underbanked consumers for its clients.

For more information, please contact:

Vineeta Tan
Editor of IFN Fintech
Tayyaba Ahsan
Head of Strategic Alliances, Finocracy
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