• Is Islamic finance ready for cryptocurrencies?

    The Shariah compliance debate of cryptocurrencies is neither new nor resolved but it has certainly gained extra mileage the past few months as the stunning (and erratic) rise of cryptocurrencies persists. Our sister publication, IFN, in August 2017...

Volume 2 Issue 1

February 2018


Bahrain and Abu Dhabi: Collaborate, not compete

Two of the most vocal voices for Islamic fintech in the Middle East have joined forces to build and sustain an effective and conducive regional environment for fintech development, choosing a path of cooperation instead of competition to thrive. ...


Islamic banks support Bahrain Fintech Bay as founding partners

The largest fintech hub in the MENA region has officially commenced operations, welcoming 28 founding partners, including some of the largest Islamic financial institutions in the Kingdom. Eight Islamic financial institutions will support the...


OJK approves first licensed Shariah compliant P2P financing service

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) of Indonesia has given the green light to the country’s first licensed Shariah compliant peer-to-peer (P2P) financing service. Almost a year in the making, P2P lender Investree Radhika Jay has been...


‘Takatech’ takes form in the UK

An Islamic insurance start-up has launched its first offering with a view of expanding its product suite to serve the needs of Muslims in the UK. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, InsureHalal is leveraging on technology to reach the...


IFN Islamic Fintech Landscape revamps screening criteria

In light of the changing dynamics of the nascent, but fast-growing, global Islamic fintech industry, IFN Fintech has overhauled the eligibility screening and classification process for the IFN Islamic Fintech Landscape to more accurately reflect...


IFN Islamic Fintech Landscape: Eligibility criteria

What is it? The IFN Islamic Fintech Landscape is an ongoing global initiative by IFN Fintech to identify and map out fintech firms offering Shariah compliant solutions. Eligible companies are screened and approved based on the following:...


Ethis’s Malaysian arm to spearhead Islamic fintech venture building

A Singapore-based Islamic crowdfunding start-up has courted new angel investors for its Malaysian and Indonesian businesses, allowing the firm to scale up and expand its offerings beyond crowdfunding, as it primes itself to become a Shariah...


INCEIF and MIMOS to develop Islamic fintech blueprint

An Islamic finance university and Malaysia’s ICT research development center will join hands to design a blueprint for Islamic finance-based investment technology platform. The International Center for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) and...


HelloGold wins Fatwa endorsing gold-backed cryptocurrency

As the Islamic financial world continues to contemplate on how to treat cryptocurrencies, one Southeast Asian fintech firm has won official recognition by Shariah scholars for its asset-backed digital currency. Kuala Lumpur-based HelloGold, the...


Sedania As Salam Capital exploring new commodities and products

Commodity trading platform Sedania As Salam Capital is transforming itself into an Islamic fintech company and high on its agenda are product expansion and capturing new market segments. Sedania As Salam Capital has broadened its remit: from...


IFRC wins Fintech Islamic Finance Challenge

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has developed an online blockchain application which has trumped over 100 other project submissions to win the recognition of the leading Islamic finance multilateral...


HADACoin to list on Swedish exchange

A Sweden-based crypto exchange will be listing the virtual tokens launched by an Islamic digital banking start-up, lending credibility to the firm looking to integrate blockchain technology and Shariah compliant banking. Hada DBank is building...


Wahed Invest begins pilot test in Bahrain; expands investment committee

New York-based Islamic robo-advisor Wahed Invest has begun testing its technology in Bahrain, ticking off another country from its international growth strategy. The Halal automated investment platform has been accepted into the Central Bank of...


Saudi Arabian central bank first in the region to implement blockchain

Saudi Arabia is here to stay. Shortly after the Kingdom’s Capital Markets Authority launched its Fintech Lab, the Islamic finance leader is now adopting blockchain technology, underscoring its steely determination to pip its GCC neighbors to the...


Iran Fara Bourse to facilitate crowdfunding for tech start-ups

Iran, home to the largest concentration of Shariah compliant financial assets globally, is laying the foundation to enable technology start-ups raise funds from the public through a local bourse. Recognizing the swift rise of alternative...



A roundup of the latest news in the Islamic fintech space from across the world.

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