• IFN Islamic Fintech Landscape recognizes three more start-ups

    In the latest revision of the IFN Islamic Fintech Landscape, three entities were included while one was excluded, bringing the total number of fintech firms offering Shariah compliant products to 116. Digital banking start-ups form the bulk of...

Volume 1 Issue 9

December 2017


Buying real estate with Islamic cryptocurrency now a reality

In a regional first, individuals are now able to purchase properties in Dubai using OneGramCoin (OGC), the industry’s first Shariah compliant-certified cryptocurrency, reflecting the growing acceptance of virtual currencies in the real estate...


Band of banks: Overcoming the curse of ‘too small to succeed’

Islamic banks may be viewed as too small to succeed as far as driving new fintech innovation is concerned, but would Shariah banks be able to break free from the constraints of the lack of economies of scale by joining forces to act as a single...


Hada DBank to launch beta version in 2018

An Islamic digital banking start-up is in the process of securing licenses in Switzerland and the UK while preparing for its pre-initial coin offering (ICO). A casual conversation between friends several years ago about the impact of banking on...


CBB endorses Bahrain Fintech Bay

The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has officially endorsed the launch of Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB), MENA’s first dedicated fintech hub and corporate incubator (See IFN Fintech November issue). Securing the support of the central bank is a...


MyFinB secures funding commitment; eyeing to quadruple funding by mid-2018

A Kuala Lumpur-based big data analytics start-up focusing on Shariah finance has secured a funding commitment of RM2 million (US$490,076) and initiated discussions on raising an additional RM10 million (US$2.45 million) over the next six months,...


ASEAN Islamic finance powerhouses move against crypto money laundering and terrorism financing risks

In the last month, Indonesia and Malaysia have taken decisive measures to quell money laundering and terrorism financing concerns spurred on by the unprecedented rise in digital currencies. Indonesia took the draconian approach by banning...


ALGEBRA implements Artificial Intelligence Neural Network

Farringdon Group has begun integrating an artificial intelligence (AI) neural network capability into its ALGEBRA Robo Adviser, less than six months since Asia’s first Islamic robo adviser made its debut in July. The Labuan-based asset manager...


SuperCharger Malaysia concludes debut program

The participants of SuperCharger Fintech Accelerator’s Malaysian inaugural program won a total of 29 contracts, proof-of-concepts (POCs) agreements and partnerships with several new POCs in Malaysia to be announced early 2018. The program,...


Saudi Arabia plays catch up with UAE and Bahrain with Fintech Lab

When it comes to attracting fintech start-ups and promoting fintech innovation in the GCC, Bahrain and the UAE are the undisputed leaders with their vocal support and regulatory infrastructure to create a holistic fintech ecosystem; but now,...



A roundup of the latest news in the Islamic fintech space from across the world.

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    Date of Issue: April 2017
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    Date of Issue: December 2017

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